Here is a fleeting glimpse of Trevor's plate collection
or should that be a glimpse of Trevor's fleeting plate collection?
Oh and Trev does take commissions for custom designed plates
Great for birthdays and funerals!

Anyone been to Blackpool? Trevor knows the best time to go. Its about time he performed ‘Cracking Crockery’ at the North Pier

Trevor’s dog Minton. A custom made plate. A lovely dog.

The look on the cat’s face says it doesn’t like being next to Minton.

Norfolk - a tricky place
it really is on the edge

The Queens Silver Jubilee

Charles and Di Tie the Knot

one of my Denby Dale Pie Plate collection

Inner Wheel Club of Newport

membership is open to female relatives of Rotarians or former Rotarians. Friendship and fun abounds as members work together to help others less fortunate than themselves, not only in this country, but overseas with Ascot days, sponsored cycle rides, parachute jumps or walks, themed dinners, and silent auctions are but a few ways.


Devon Cliffs - where else?

storming of the Bastille


Thanks Buzz

Cabaret Heaven - another of Trev’s custom classics

Isle of Man


None of these plates are for sale cheaply
some might now be broken

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