NEW Hoop classes starting September 2015

Beginners hoop classes run for most of the year at Yoga Space on Meanwood Road LS7 2JF
For latest information and to book a place by
email me
Yoga Space hoop class facebook group

And at Bramley Baths on Broad Lane LS13 3DF. Book via Bramley Baths reception 0113 2146000
Bramley Baths hoop class facebook group
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Advice for buying a hoop

To practice regularly you need your own hoop.
What type and size should you get?

For waist hooping remember that smaller hoops spin faster and so are harder for beginners, I suggest getting no smaller than 36 inches, and anything up to 40 inches.

smaller hoops are good for hand hooping. larger hoops can be more fun on the waist.

Also how thick should the hoop be?
I think 20mm is a good all round thickness.
The heavier 25mm are good for waist hooping and burning calories maybe, but are heavy for hand hooping and off-body moves.

The best thing is to have a go on someone else's hoop, and if you like it then measure it and buy one the same.

don't buy a cheap toyshop hoop, ignore anything with water in it, and magnets or fancy 'weighted' gimmicks. Get a good one from a reputable supplier, buy from people that hoop themselves.

There are loads of places to buy a hoop on the interwebnet, I can recommend Hand Made Hoops
there are also lots of other places, you can find out about most things hoopy at the Hoop Hub
visit and bookmark for future reference.
There is a world of online hooping tutorials. Some of them are very good like
Deanne's youtube videos